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Push notifications of Magento 2.4

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Hi, we are looking for Push notifications of Magento 2.4 extensions for Web and Hybrid App for Android (Google + Huawei) and IOS.
To receive the notifications, web users do not need to be browsing the mall and app users do not need the app to be running.
Broadcast of public notifications for some groups and subgroups of users, to save time and bandwidth, and traffic control when user respond to the notifications.

Actually, we have existing Magento 2.1.x website now and native apps for android and ios. We are starting a new project with a clean Magento 2.4 and apps will be native having a webview showing the responsive main site, plus some extra handling when need, thats why we call it hybrid. is our existing Magento 2.1.x site for your reference, you could see the app store links there as well.