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I have dropshipping website and I want to make some changes and improvments

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I have dropshipping website and I want to make some changments and improvments.
Please read the attached file and let me know if you can help me in achieving all of those points.

On the main page, you will see that the main categories are (Women, Men, Kind, Home& Living). Those categories have to be renamed to be like following:•Relaxation & Well being-Blood pressure monitors and thermometers-Cushions and Pillows-First-aid kit-Hand warmers-Massagers-Reading glasses and magnifying glasses-Slippers, insoles and other items-Well-being and relaxation products•Hair products-Combs and brushes-Dry shampoos-Hair dryers-Hair Dyes-Hair masks and treatments-Hair mousse-Hair straighteners and curlers-Hair Trimmers-Hair waxes-Hairsprays-Holding gels-Shampoos-Softeners and conditioners•Beauty treatment-Face and body treatments-Hair removal and shaving-Manicure and pedicure•Solar line-After sun spray-Body sun protection cream spray-Children’s sun protection spray-Children’s sunscreens-Facial sun protection cream spray-Hair sun protection-Hair sun protection spray-Protective sun creams for the body-Protective sun creams for the face-Self-tanners-Self-tanning sprays-Sun tanning spray-Sunscreen sets-Sunscreen spray sets-Suntan oils-Tan accelerating sprays-Tanning activators-Tanning lotions•Perfumes -Children’s perfumes-erotic perfumes-Perfumes for men-Perfumes for women-Pet perfumes-Unisex Perfumes•Cosmetics-Accessories & Organisers-Blushers-Compact powders-Eye shadows-Eyeliners and eye pencils-Lipsticks, Lip Glosses and Lip Pencils-Make-up and correctors-Mascara•Face Care-Aftershave and lotions-Anti-wrinkle and moisturising creams-Cleansers and exfoliants-Eye contour creams-Face masks-Make-up removers-Serums-Shaving creams-Shaving foams-Shaving gels-Tonics and cleansing milks•Body Care-Anti-cellulite creams-Foot Deodorants-Intimate hygiene-Moisturisers and Exfoliants-Oral hygiene-Roll-On Deodorants-Soaps and gels-Spray Deodorants-Stick Deodorants•Natural Cosmetics•Cosmetic and Perfume Sets-After finishing renaming process, please make sure that they also are changed under tap called “shop” at the top of the main page.-When the customer clicks on any option on the left side of the page, he must also see all of the subcategories on the shopping page. (see example at want to connect my site into a new dropshipping company called “Bigbuy”but before I make the subscription, I want to use their test environment. Please try to apply this link to my site as to see whether I can later make the official subscription or not. ( the first page, you have to change the main moving slides to be containing something related to the new products. (Beauty, health, etc.)-You haveto show the French versionof the sitein French speaking countriesautomatically(France, Canada-Quebec, Belgium, Switzerland)-Regarding last point, we can make special French url like ( and special UK url like ( I need to know if that’s possibleand if it’s better for my business.-For the currency, it has to appear in Euro forthe European countries and in Pound forEngland, and in USD for the rest of the world.-On the “Tracking order”page, the page is not working. Please check the problem as it’s not possible to enter any tracking number.-Please delete all of the current products from the website before start adding the new products from “Bigbuy”