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Need a way to automate this tidiouse processes

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  • Background –
    We have aprox 5500 apparel products, each product has two attributes (color / sizes) and we installed the two variations for each product as a drop down via the .csv
  • Problem –
    We are having to go back into each product via the WC product UI and going into the variations and hitting “Save” to update the product and the (Sizes / Colors) dropdown variables now show on the products page.

Need a way to automate this tidiouse processes.

I think it can be done programmatically

Your website and your all imported products data is not saved into woo commerce database tables and you will need to save it from backend to save the data into database then it display on the frontend.

This is due bad csv file or importing issue and missing mysql queries to save all variation product data into database.

You will need to fix the data tables of your variation products and make a sql quires to save all current imported products so all variation will be visible at once. you may need to remove all products or we can update the current products and fix all tables and save the meta values for all products.