Facebook came up with “Facebook Shops” to help small businesses sell online

Facebook has introduced a major update called Shops. The company intends to change over Facebook and Instagram pages to digital stores.

No doubt it is a surprise, nobody thought it will shape or form in that way, but we do know that Facebook is launching it’s new features amid Covid-19 lockdowns such as WhatsApp calls and Messenger Rooms. This new feature will energize a lot of small businesses.

It was unveiled by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a LIVE stream. This new feature will allow businesses to let customers shop online on a Facebook page. These shops will be supported by third-party websites such as Woocommerce, Shopify or BigCommerce. Businesses will also be able to implement customer dependability programs later on.

It’s not only the Facebook that is introducing Shops, Instagram is also getting its own shopping experience. This hugly is an effort to push eCommerce to a bigger scale. According to a tweet by Instagram feature will be introduce in the US this summer.

As stated before, Facebook is launching this feature in the time of COVID-19 lockdowns to assist individuals with imparting better and work together online. The shops for Facebook and Instagram is another acceptable feature that will help small businesses who have endured over the most recent couple of months as a result of lockdown everywhere throughout the world.

Many small businesses will most likely be unable to revive much after lockdown amid lack of income and financial support required to maintain a business in view of the expenses related, for example, bills and staff pay rates. The virtual shops will help them far in setting up their business recovering money related opportunity sooner rather than later.